8th day in rehab (mother's day)

I totally struggled to get out of bed this morning after giving up on my back and taking diazepam last night. A bacon sarnie and a bubble bath improved the morning significantly!
I settled down to some crafting after that and made myself some earrings


I made another 2 pairs as well. One of the generic workers popped in then with some of her fantastic sewing! She showed me some of the stuff she’s made and then taught me how to make little fabric flowers 🙂


I love how much the staff here really do go the extra mile!

It would seem that word about my crafts is spreading. Shortly after I finished my flower a few of the staff turned up to have a look at my earrings and cotton cord bracelets. One or 2 even placed provisional orders!


Mum and granny arrived for afternoon visiting hours to find me on the bed surrounded by beads and cotton and flowers and all sorts!

I got up and unveiled my mother’s day surprise. I stood up totally unsupported and gave Mum a hug. I think it’s safe to say Mum was as happy as I was.

Granny was very impressed with the standing but seemed more impressed with the little flowers! I started her off on one of her own and left her sewing in the corner, she’s going to send me some fabric and buttons to make more tomorrow! 😀

We all chatted and laughed and ate grapes and granny brought me fresh mango and kiwi!

After they left I found myself falling sleep again so I laid down for a bit before tea.

After cold pizza and salad I  sorted out my meds for the next week and turned in for the night!
Hence why this blog post is a day late sorry folks 🙂

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