Pacing – when is the Boom worth the Bust?

Symptom management is a really important part of living well with a chronic health condition. For symptoms like fatigue and pain, Pacing is an essential skill to learn. There is no easy fix for long-term health conditions but there are a lot of little fixes that can help. To make the most of these little…Continue reading Pacing – when is the Boom worth the Bust?

Rehab Update: Goal Tracker, Gymnastics, Capsaicin and University

Hello again and Happy New Year!! Sorry for the lack of posting lately! This will be the first of my post-rehab updates having completed the 3 week pain management course at RNOH Stanmore. If you haven’t read about my adventured there then please check the posts starting with ‘The Rehab Saga’.

Rest day on Skye, wildlife photography

I woke up feeling pretty rough this morning so today turned into a rest day. My pain and fatigue made my chances of achieving anything pretty slim so mum helped me set up camp just outside the garden wall so I could watch the birds in the rock pools. I did move as far as…Continue reading Rest day on Skye, wildlife photography