Flare Up Planning With Shona

Flare Up Planning with Shona

Something a little different for this blog post. I recently had the pleasure of working with Shona of My Marfan Life. Here, she share’s her experiences working with me and a bit about her life with Marfan Syndrome. “Recently I had the pleasure of having a 30 minute consultation with Jo to create a flare up […]

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Disability life lessons – Who cares what society thinks?

Life can be tough. Sometimes people with disabilities/impairments have to make tough choices and the impact of society can make tough choices even tougher. Using mobility aids, pacing and pain management strategies often come with judgments and assumptions attached. Over the last few years, I’ve learnt a lot about myself and I feel like I’ve […]

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An alternative approach to Physiotherapy

For many people around the world, regular physiotherapy is an accepted part of life. This doesn’t just go for chronic illnesses or long-term disabilities either. Plenty of people get short-term physio for acute injuries or a little physio input as they get older and less mobile. Simply needing physiotherapy doesn’t mean you’ll find it easy […]

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