therapeutic relationships: Personal Vs Professional

Therapeutic Relationships: Personal Vs Professional

“Do you know my friend Bill? He’s in a wheelchair too!” There comes a time in every disabled persons life where a well-meaning but nosy stranger asks that question. There’s a persistent assumption that all individuals with similar needs or matching impairments share a social connection. In previous generations, this was met with awkward laughter…Continue reading Therapeutic Relationships: Personal Vs Professional

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#HypnOT session 3 – Chronic Pain

Welcome back to #HypnOT. Session 3 focuses on understanding and managing Chronic Pain. Kim (Online Psychotherapist) explains a little about how pain impacts our brains and cognition. I share some useful tips for managing the symptoms and limiting the impact on your quality of life. This video was recorded live via Facebook Livestream then uploaded…Continue reading #HypnOT session 3 – Chronic Pain

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#HypnOT Session 1

I’m very pleased and proud to share session one of the #HypnOT series. A collaboration between myself and Kim Clayden of Positive Solution Hypnotherapy. We’ll be looking at a variety of topics over the next few weeks. This one is an introduction to who we are, what we do and why!

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Misplaced Inspiration – Being Healthy is HARD

I often discuss the ‘disabled people are inspirational’ issue with friends and family. ‘Inspiration P0rn’. I am often told I’m inspirational, some times I smile and say thank you while rolling my eyes, sometimes I challenge the person in question and at other times I take it as a compliment. I could lecture about this…Continue reading Misplaced Inspiration – Being Healthy is HARD

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don't confuse your google search with my medical degree

Dr Google & The e-Patient Experince

In this online age, access to medical information is faster and simpler than ever before. The ease with which patients can search for symptoms, diagnoses and treatments has plays a big role in the the e-patient 1 movement. About 5% of all internet searches are about medical information 2 . Support groups, patient advocacy groups…Continue reading Dr Google & The e-Patient Experince

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