Growth through a chronic patients experiences

Understanding a chronic patient’s experience…

Healthcare professionals have a duty of care to each patient, client, individual we see. We are taught to listen, understand, and problem-solve, all in the best interest of the individual. We all want to see our patient ‘get better’, ‘progress’, ‘recover’. Sometimes we get lost in these words and don’t take the time to support…Continue reading Understanding a chronic patient’s experience…

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coronavirus shielding: advice for rejoining the world

Coronavirus Shielding: Advice for rejoining the world

2020 has definitely been a roller-coaster.. mostly made up of scary downhill parts and sudden drops. For many folks with pre-existing conditions (myself included) the last few months have been downright scary. The lack of information around what actually constituted a risk meant that many people were in a weird no man’s land where they…Continue reading Coronavirus Shielding: Advice for rejoining the world

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therapeutic relationships: Personal Vs Professional

Therapeutic Relationships: Personal Vs Professional

“Do you know my friend Bill? He’s in a wheelchair too!” There comes a time in every disabled persons life where a well-meaning but nosy stranger asks that question. There’s a persistent assumption that all individuals with similar needs or matching impairments share a social connection. In previous generations, this was met with awkward laughter…Continue reading Therapeutic Relationships: Personal Vs Professional

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#HypnOT session 3 – Chronic Pain

Welcome back to #HypnOT. Session 3 focuses on understanding and managing Chronic Pain. Kim (Online Psychotherapist) explains a little about how pain impacts our brains and cognition. I share some useful tips for managing the symptoms and limiting the impact on your quality of life. This video was recorded live via Facebook Livestream then uploaded…Continue reading #HypnOT session 3 – Chronic Pain

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#HypnOT Session 1

I’m very pleased and proud to share session one of the #HypnOT series. A collaboration between myself and Kim Clayden of Positive Solution Hypnotherapy. We’ll be looking at a variety of topics over the next few weeks. This one is an introduction to who we are, what we do and why!

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