coronavirus shielding: advice for rejoining the world

Coronavirus Shielding: Advice for rejoining the world

2020 has definitely been a roller-coaster.. mostly made up of scary downhill parts and sudden drops. For many folks with pre-existing conditions (myself included) the last few months have been downright scary. The lack of information around what actually constituted a risk meant that many people were in a weird no man’s land where they…Continue reading Coronavirus Shielding: Advice for rejoining the world

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therapeutic relationships: Personal Vs Professional

Therapeutic Relationships: Personal Vs Professional

“Do you know my friend Bill? He’s in a wheelchair too!” There comes a time in every disabled persons life where a well-meaning but nosy stranger asks that question. There’s a persistent assumption that all individuals with similar needs or matching impairments share a social connection. In previous generations, this was met with awkward laughter…Continue reading Therapeutic Relationships: Personal Vs Professional

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#HypnOT session 3 – Chronic Pain

Welcome back to #HypnOT. Session 3 focuses on understanding and managing Chronic Pain. Kim (Online Psychotherapist) explains a little about how pain impacts our brains and cognition. I share some useful tips for managing the symptoms and limiting the impact on your quality of life. This video was recorded live via Facebook Livestream then uploaded…Continue reading #HypnOT session 3 – Chronic Pain

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#HypnOT Session 1

I’m very pleased and proud to share session one of the #HypnOT series. A collaboration between myself and Kim Clayden of Positive Solution Hypnotherapy. We’ll be looking at a variety of topics over the next few weeks. This one is an introduction to who we are, what we do and why!

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Misplaced Inspiration – Being Healthy is HARD

I often discuss the ‘disabled people are inspirational’ issue with friends and family. ‘Inspiration P0rn’. I am often told I’m inspirational, some times I smile and say thank you while rolling my eyes, sometimes I challenge the person in question and at other times I take it as a compliment. I could lecture about this…Continue reading Misplaced Inspiration – Being Healthy is HARD

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