10th day in rehab (making progress!)

Just a quick bit from last nnight after I posted.. This is my current manicure


Designed to look like brushed steel it fades between navy blue and silver blue.

Overslept this morning, (again) I think I’m working my self really hard and just need more sleep!
Got myself up and ready before heading back to bed to read for a bit.
Physio man came to see me mid morning and we headed to the gym, with my SmartCrutches as supposed to my gutter frame!
Got straight on the recumbent bike this time for 10mins of cycling.
Physio man then got me standing with my crutches and we walked the length of the parallel bars. I was a little wobbly and I REALLY had to concentrate but I did it!
Physio man then got me on the practice stairs. I made it up and down the steep side with just one dislocated ankle! Physio said he was very impressed with my quad control and my ability to catch myself after wobbles, were both really pleased with my progress.
Just out of interest physio man asked me what I’m like without my knee and ankle braces on…so I showed him, this is only the 2nd time I’ve stood without braces in 4 weeks. My knees lock out backwards and I have very little control over the angle they stop at! My ankles both roll outwards. I’m much wobblier and find it generally very hard work staying upright at the moment. The snapping hip is also more of a problem, when my IT band snaps over my trocheanter my knee gives out backwards which subluxes my fibula which then rolls my ankle out sideways which then causes it to dislocate, nasty chain reaction leading to me in a heap on the floor or supporting my entire weight on my arms.
Anyway physio went well and after a bit of a rest I was invited to lunch in the conservatory with the ladies and gents from the chair exercise class. We had some pleasant chatter and after a long talk with my fave lady here (the one who I quoted a few posts back) I headed back to my room to grab some bird seed! I filled the feeder outside my window so I’d have something to watch during my rest break 🙂 after getting back indoors I was informed a Muntjack Deer had visited the garden while I was in the gym with physio man. Just my luck to miss it!

I was recently informed (thanks Dominic) there simply is not enough squirrel talk on my blog so in an effort to remedy that here is a squirrel photo.


There are 2 squirrels in the garden and until recently they weren’t getting along very well but spring has sprung and all of a sudden the boy squirrel and the girl squirrel are spending lots more time together!
After laying down watching squirrels for a while I got down to some crafting!
Here are today’s bracelets


I was just finishing my evening meal when Mum arrived we headed out for a sunset walk and just did the block around the hospital we did however find an outdoor gym! It’s literally just around the corner from the hospital, it’s got a cross trainer, leg press, chest press, assisted chin up bar, a multi use bench, a little hand cycle and a stand for leg lifts and tricep  dips! Who needs a gym membership in Aldeburgh!


Did a little bit at the outdoor gym but I was a good girl and did my floor physio and some trigger point roller-ing when I got back. Shower time then bed.
All done for the night thanks for reading!

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