9th day in rehab (Exciting!!)

Once again failed to wake up this morning but was revived with a cooked breakfast.
Got myself up and dressed and did some of my floor based exercise πŸ™‚
I could see the cleaning crew lingering so I rolled up my mat and swapped to beading for a bit.
We chatted about holidays while they cleaned my room. πŸ™‚
I was half way through my bracelet when my pet squirrel turned up again and peed on the bird table! I guess she’s trying to tell the other wildlife it’s her table, there’s been a lot more action there in the last day or so with both squirrels visiting, 3 pigeons at a time and a magpie (who didn’t stay long). This morning I spotted my 1st blue tit as well. The poor thing looked less than stunning so maybe some kind of bird flu/zombie apocalypse is on it’s way!

Arts and crafts for the day was courtesy of Carla Spear, this amazing kit kept me amused for a while and is totally cute
Blog readers meet Benny the owl


I also made a few more flowers and started turning them into broaches


Now your probably thinking this is all very nice but not overly exciting…
Here comes the exciting.

In physio today I walked up the practice stairs! there are 3 steep steps up and 4 shallow ones down. I did it twice with just a little bit of assistance! Physio man then put me on a recumbent bike for 10 mins of slow pedaling.
At the end of the session physio man said he was really pleased with how well I was doing and that he wasn’t expecting me to tackle the stairs for another few days. He’s also said I’m safe enough to walk short distances out side of my physio sessions πŸ˜€ I can walk around my room by myself! I’m also allowed to walk longer distances with supervision from the nurses.

Mum arrived just after I got back to my room (totally exhausted and in a fair bit of pain)
She gave me lots of new craft supplies and waited till I’d recovered before popping to the co-op with me.

I’ve just had dinner and I’m definitely done for the day! Bubble bath and an early night for me!
Night folks πŸ™‚


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