3rd day in Rehab

Day 3.
Beautiful weather once again, the sunshine floods in through my bedroom window all morning.
Started the day with bed based physio then taped my knees and ankles up afterwards.


After being productive for a while I decided I’d earnt a treat so I finally sat down for a proper manicure (1st time in 3 weeks)


Not my best work ever but pretty good especially with my newly acquired tremor!
Just as I was finishing up the OT lady from yesterday popped in to say they were having a chair based exercise class and I was welcome to join them…
Not exactly my normal form of exercise but I’m not one to pass up a free fitness class. So I went along. It’s just as your imagining it, hilarious. Nearly 20 elderly ladies with walkers or wheels or sticks Sat in a circle with 2 elderly men and a very nice young physio (male and in danger of being eaten alive by all the old ladies)
I joined the circle and got applauded for reversing into a space easily big enough for my chair…
We started the class, it’s very gentle exercises just designed to get you moving. I managed all of them with just a few subluxes.
Then we did some throwing and catching, oddly enough when it was my turn to throw the bean bags into the cardboard box it moved from being a few inches away to the other side of the circle… I missed. In my defense I have no depth perception and I’m used to throwing basketballs not beanbags!

After that it was the drug round and after a LOT of shuffling around we were all seated for lunch in the conservatory. I found myself slipping into OT mode and pouring drinks and opening ketchup packets and calling for help.. One of the members of staff said it was nice to have some help. Lol
I felt very much like it was afternoon tea at Wyevale garden Centre.. I was the youngest there by about 40 years…
All in all a vary pleasant lunch tho, sat in the sunshine with fresh flowers on the table.

Afterwards I had a brief chat with one of the ladies here… The quote of the day has to be from her. We were talking about some of the funnier moments of the exercise class and she said, “sometimes I find myself really chuckling at them (meaning the old ladies) and then I chuckle harder when I remember I’m one of them”

Had a brief rest after lunch, then popped outside to put out the bird seed Mum brought me! I’m hoping to attract some wildlife close to my window ๐Ÿ™‚

Man physio came to visit me and talked about the sorts of stuff I do normally he said they would both be coming either late today or early tomorrow morning. I asked if I can have a yoga mat in the mean time and he went and got me one so I had a quick stretching session and crunched my back nicely ๐Ÿ˜‰
He loitered chatting for a while and seemed impressed with my workout.
After tea mother same up to visit me and we laughed about the random events of the day. I’m now sat in bed eating crisps since my BP was borderline for taking propranolol and I don’t want to miss a dose.
After I’m done eating crisps I’m going to lay on the floor.. Mum brought my trigger point roller up for me!
Tomorrow I’ve got physio first thing then I’m meeting Addz for an afternoon out around the town.

Ciao for now ๐Ÿ™‚

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