4th day in rehab

Busy day today 🙂 got up and dressed ready for physio this morning.
Went into the gym for the 1st time with my lovely pair of physios. They got me parked up and …
I walked up and down the parallel bars twice with one of them holding each knee. I only had a few slight wobbles and my knees only gave way a little bit and each time I caught myself quickly. It was slop going and a lot of my body weight was on my hands. After a rest I walked up and down two more times with both physios supporting my upper body instead, this meant less proprioveptive feedback on my legs so I had a few more wobbles but not many more and a few issues with IT band/subluxing hips too.

At this point I was totally knackered and my poor wrists were throbbing so we called it a day, I was invited to join them for the chair exercise class 20mins alter tho!
Chair exercise was much the same as last time, with a room full of little old ladies singing along to Bette Midler and Barbra Striesand :-/ lol
After that we went through the whole palava of turning the conservatory from gym into dining hall and paired everyone up with their mobility aids again before lunch. I ended up on the boring table this time but I didn’t stay long, as soon as I’d eaten I headed back to my room to wait for my wonderful boyfriend to arrive.
Got back to my room to see a Magpie leaving the bird table I filled yesterday! It was now empty so I popped outside to refill it with mum’s bird seed.
Addz arrive about 10 mins after I got back indoors and after giving him the grand tour of the hospital we headed out to explore Aldeburgh town centre…

Aldeburgh is a town full of shops charging more than double what they should, the wheelchair access is nonexistent in over half the shops and the only accessible café that was open didn’t serve anything gluten free and didn’t have soy milk.. It was very pretty tho. We did pop into the one and only charity shop l, the lady behind the counted said my lipstick was stunning and was the perfect red :-D.
We left town and popped into the co-op for snacks before wandering down towards the sea, Addz picked me a daffodil and took me over the bumpiest path I’ve ever been down in my chair… And I go off-road a lot! Some of the potholes were a solid 6″ deep!


After a look at the sea we headed back home (well my current home anyway). Addz helped push up the hill and there was no silliness at all, we certainly didn’t mess about…  I didn’t get pulled along backwards, there was no racing and no slingshot maneuvers…


We cuddled and chatted for a while and generally relaxed before Addz headed home and I had tomato soup for dinner.

I also got a lovely present from my friend Graham with a fantastic escape themed card!

The front of the card and my prescription chocolates

The back of the card with some good advise

I’m now tucked up in bed waiting for the feeling to come back to my toes!

The propranolol has been fantastic for my PoTS, tremors, migraines, blood pressure and orthostatic intolerance…it’s definitely NOT good for my circulation my raynaulds is much worse. No amount of clothing seems to make a difference.. Might have to go back to compression gloves for a bit and see if it helps.

Ciao for now folks stay tuned for the next exciting update.

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