Phase Change Cooling Vest Review

So I was very excited to get my cooling vests in the post this morning. I was lucky enough to snatch the last 2 of the ‘Junior Cooling Vests’ from DisabledGear. I have been really struggling with heat intolerance, progressively since Christmas when I started developing symptoms of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) Basically being too hot (particularly in the muggy airless heat we’ve been having recently) I get weak, tired, confused, indecisive, my heart rate increases steadily and I eventually end up in a melted heap on the floor until I’ve cooled down.

I was feeling exactly like that this afternoon while trying to make lunch (and failing lol) I ended up laying on the floor with a cold flannel on my face and a hand fan. Mum made lunch. I gave up waiting for my cool packs to completely solidify and put the vest on with the half solid packs and within about 10 mins I was feeling sooooo much better! I could concentrate, I was vertical and I felt a lot more awake. So initial feelings were of ”Oh my goodness why didn’t I get one sooner”

2nd test for my Vest was Wheelchair Basketball training…

Last week I was flat on my back for about 20 mins after then end of the session with tachycardia and dizziness.

This week I got out of my chair … (admittedly fell on the floor but that was for the hip dislocation not the POTS) … and Walked away! hot, sweaty and a little Tachy but that’s IT!! Not too far off how I used to feel after training!

I played pretty well too 🙂 I think …

I was expecting a few snarky comments or jokes about buoyancy aids .. but actually I had a few good discussions, some interest and a little bit of jealousy!

I will close with a photo of the Phase Change Packs after training (2 hour session in a HOT sports hall & doing physical activity) I personally think this is pretty impressive!


There are still frozen bits!!

Big thank you to Guy at DisabledGear for his help and speedy delivery!

Thank you to all my cool vest owning friends for giving me the confidence to spend that much money! (it really is worth it)

CoolSport Phase Change Cooling Vest – 5 Stars! *****

7 thoughts on “Phase Change Cooling Vest Review

  1. Hi Jo. I’m so pleased I was able to help. These are the bits I will miss about winding down trading. They are a great product and I will leave the information page up with a link to the manufacturers. Maybe I should have a review page, too?
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks again, I’m really happy with them can you tell 😉 I’d be happy to lave a review if you do get a review page, not just of the product but the fantastic customer service. You can all a review tab to facebook pages too! I’ve got one on my Purl Beads page.

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