A students survival guide to placement - transferrable skills written over a white background.. There are 4 images in the corners showing a learning themed images.

A Student’s Survival guide to Placement – transferable skills

Welcome everybody to my second blog post! My name is Charlie and I’m a third-year OT student. I’ve been working with Jo over the past 9 weeks. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with all of the wonderful people in the JBOT community. As you may have guessed from the title and from my little…Continue reading A Student’s Survival guide to Placement – transferable skills

Welcome LSBU student Ellen Reed-Walsh

A little update… There are many career goals I set for myself when I started out as an OT. One I never really thought I’d accomplish was to be a practice educator. Who would want a virtual placement with someone who works 15 hours a week from bed? Well, fast forward one pandemic later and…Continue reading Welcome LSBU student Ellen Reed-Walsh

Limitless Travel role-emerging placement

As part of Occupational Therapy degrees each student must complete one thousand hours of practice. How this is divided up varies from place to place. Northampton University divides practice hours into three placements. The first is shortest and is mainly observation. The last placement is the longest and it’s expected that each student will carry…Continue reading Limitless Travel role-emerging placement

Joint Protection

Introduction to Joint Protection

As usual this post is written from a dual perspective, I’m an Occupational Therapist and I have spent many years learning to manage my own health. With this post I aim to give a few simple ways of looking after your joints during everyday activities, hopefully explained in a simple way. As with all of…Continue reading Introduction to Joint Protection

Rehab Update: Goal Tracker, Gymnastics, Capsaicin and University

Hello again and Happy New Year!! Sorry for the lack of posting lately! This will be the first of my post-rehab updates having completed the 3 week pain management course at RNOH Stanmore. If you haven’t read about my adventured there then please check the posts starting with ‘The Rehab Saga’.

The Rehab Saga: 1st Weekend Home (Sunday)

Slept in this morning, up at about 9:30 and was spoilt by mum who brought me breakfast in bed 🙂 I read on my kindle for a while before getting up and jumping in a hot bath for a long soak. I pampered myself and got ready for another weeks rehab starting tomorrow. After a…Continue reading The Rehab Saga: 1st Weekend Home (Sunday)