Jordan and Matt stood side by side. Jordan wears a green floral dress and matt is in burgundy jumper.

JBOT Podcast with Jordan. Episode 1

Welcome to the JBOT Podcast with Jordan. In this episode Jordan & Matt catch up with Steve Dent. Owner of disability equipment retailer . Steve shares how his own experience of disability lead to him including sex aids as part of his core range of stock. We also have Matts Myths, tips… and more!…Continue reading JBOT Podcast with Jordan. Episode 1

Self-management in hms... is it time for an A&E trip. written over a seaside view of blue sky and clouds.

Injury Self-Management

I am a small island Caribbean girl, born in London but raised in Carriacou, Grenada. In my world and from my experience, there is a remedy for almost any illness which does not involve seeing a medical professional. Using hydrogen peroxide to clean a cut or bruise at an early age. Drinking a tea when…Continue reading Injury Self-Management

#HypnOT session 3 – Chronic Pain

Welcome back to #HypnOT. Session 3 focuses on understanding and managing Chronic Pain. Kim (Online Psychotherapist) explains a little about how pain impacts our brains and cognition. I share some useful tips for managing the symptoms and limiting the impact on your quality of life. This video was recorded live via Facebook Livestream then uploaded…Continue reading #HypnOT session 3 – Chronic Pain

Ableism in the media ‘Anyone can run a marathon’

Earlier today I was watching the London Marathon. The commentator repeatedly emphasised that ‘anyone can run the London Marathon’ all you need is ‘enough training and enough belief’. I let this sink in for a bit and decided that I couldn’t stay quiet. I was encouraged by a friend to share what I thought. What absolute…Continue reading Ableism in the media ‘Anyone can run a marathon’

My Top Adaptive Life Apps

Ok so just a quick post. These are little reviews of my most frequently used or most useful apps. Some of these apps are aimed at anyone and everyone but others are more for people with illnesses or disabilities. If you see something totally irrelevant then please just keep scrolling on to the next one.…Continue reading My Top Adaptive Life Apps