Jordan and Matt stood side by side. Jordan wears a green floral dress and matt is in burgundy jumper.

JBOT Podcast with Jordan. Episode 1

Welcome to the JBOT Podcast with Jordan.

In this episode Jordan & Matt catch up with Steve Dent. Owner of disability equipment retailer . Steve shares how his own experience of disability lead to him including sex aids as part of his core range of stock. We also have Matts Myths, tips… and more!

Please feel free to comments with your own experiences. We’d love to hear what you think!

Meet the host:

A little bit about me…I’m Jordan, a third year Occupational Therapy Degree Apprentice student. I have lived experience of a severe visual impairment and utilise my own experiences to enhance and inform therapy offered.I have vast experience working in public, private and charitable settings supporting people to experiencing emotional pain to live a more fulfilling, authentic and enriching life. 
I am also an Integrative counsellor/psychotherapist MBACP with over 6 years experience. You can find me at and follow me on twitter @TherapyaccessUK My passion is to bring Occupational Therapy and Counselling together to offer a truly holistic and collaborative service that is specifically designed to meet individual needs. 

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