A long story short

Hi folks sorry it’s been such a long time since I blogged about anything.

I had a few thing I meant to blog about but after recent events they seem totally unimportant.

I’ve been on a health and disability rollercoaster and I’m going to do my best to catch you all up before I start the next series of blogs about my recovery.

3 weeks ago yesterday (Sunday) I travelled to Worcester with a mini bus full of other people. The university of Northampton wheelchair basketball team. The Stallion. We were entered to play in the 1st ever university Wheelchair basketball championships.


It was a long tough day and after hours working our assets off on court we finished in last place.

Missing out on 4th (and another playoff by just 1 point) it was the kind of epic storyline that made me think of the mighty ducks…

The whole team was gutted, exhausted and in a few cases thoroughly broken both physically and emotionally. I had been battling dislocations and a HR of 200 all the time I was on court and had really struggled but was really proud of myself and my team for getting through all the games, we really did deserve to win the last game and a few others too!

Thinking that only one think can fix the emotions that we were going through I got out of my chair and started giving out chocolate to my team mates with a hug and a thank you. Me being me I fell over… And I fell hard, my legs gave way… I dislocated my hips knees and ankles then my left shoulder and both wrists when I hit the floor.. Not to mention the paralyzing back pain I was a mess. My team started the epic mission of putting me back together and I called on a good friend of mine (and a Worcester player/coach) to help pop everything back where it belonged. He did a fantastic job and after the final 20min battle with my stubborn right ankle I was as close to one piece as I was going to get and Rick picked me up and put me in my day chair.
Ok I’m hurting and fatigued and broken and dizzy but I’m ok.. Until approximately half an hour later when the twitches and spasms start.

Over the last year I’ve been experiencing increasingly common episodes of muscle spasms, twitches and tremors. These episodes typically last a few hours and cause about 20 or 30 dislocations an hour.. After stalling to see some of the playoff final I gave up and got one of my team mates to call me an ambulance.

Steph came with me to A&E and stayed with me for hours through the pain, fatigue and multiple dislocations.


After a while it became apparent that this wasn’t the same as the other times. After 7 hours of spasms over 100 dislocations and a LOT of diazepam I was admitted to Worcester Royal Hospital.
The next morning a team of Drs arrived from 4 different specialties and told me they were going to find me an answer as to why this keeps happening.
I stayed for 2 weeks during which time I was tested for anything and everything and eventually diagnosed with a complex migraine disorder and put on Propranolol.
Unfortunately I was left with a lot of leg weakness and some big issues with tremors. I’m assured this should eventually go away. Where I used to walk short distances unsolicited and without too much risk I was now only getting a few steps with assistance of 2 and a classic old lady walking frame. I needed help getting off the loo and back in my chair and was labeled a falls risk after just 3 mins on the ward.
During my stay I did daily Physiotherapy ate a lot of jelly and didy best to manage my failing health.
I had to withdraw from my OT degree…for now! (I start back in January next year so in the mean time I have a lot of work to do.)
I began the arduous journey to getting back on my feet, literally. I have to learn to walk again. On my last day I managed to walk as far as the bathroom with 2 physios and a walking frame


Worcester shipped me back to Ipswich and after 2 highly unpleasant nights and days I was accepted to a Suffolk Community Hospital for rehabilitation.

The next few blog posts will be documenting my stay in rehab and telling you all how I get on with rehab.

Please stay tuned.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Jo, what a journey…I know I am a few miles away, but if I can do anything, please ask…sending positive vibes your way and hoping to hear the news that you are back on your feet – as much as you can be, anyway…lots of love my fellow knight xxx

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