Version22 ‘nimble’ – Review

**This is a sponsored post. I was provided the product in exchange for an honest review, I have been compensated for my time through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by Version22 Designs or Chronic Illness Bloggers. For more info please read my disclaimer**

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The nimble is a nifty little gadget by Version22 it’s a silicone thimble with a teeny-tiny cutting tool. It’s designed to help open packaging and is safe for those with limited dexterity as well as all age ranges. The idea is that it’s safer than stabbing through packaging with scissors, keys, pens or whatever else is within reach when the post arrives. I actually remembered seeing this on twitter a LONG time ago and thinking it looked cool so I was very excited to get my hands on one.

My first impressions of the nimble are really good. It’s bright yellow which should make it easy to find in cluttered kitchen draws. It’s squishy which makes it comfy and it fits well, even over my silver finger splints. It might not fit everyone quite as well so if you’ve got very small or very large hands you might need to try it on different fingers. It can be used on any finger it fits and works well on either hand, great for left-handed people who are fed up with right-handed scissors!

2016-04-16 15.07.55  2016-04-16 15.07.10

The actual cutting bit is super-tiny but very sharp. According the Version 22 it’s a zirconia-ceramic blade which is sharper than steel and rust-resistant too! I’ve circled it in the photo below so you can see just how tiny it is. The blade is deceptive, despite being teeny it cuts through paper, plastic and even card very well.

2016-04-16 15.08.02

It’s also idiot proof.. I told my partner that it was safe but sharp and he immediately tried it out on his hand.. *sigh*

Luckily the nimble lives up to the safety hype, idiots hand didn’t even get a scratch.

The company was kind enough to send a little packet of sweeties along with my nimble so naturally that was the first thing I tried opening!

2016-04-05 10.19.52

As you can see, the nimble has cut right through both layers of plastic packaging. What you can’t see is just how little effort it required, you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say it was super easy.

I will definitely be using my nimble for post in the future and I’ll also be putting it to use with paper-crafts, it’s much safer than the cutting blade I use now. Although some people are quite happy stabbing their way into boxes and packages it’s great to know there is a viable alternative for those of us at increased risk of accidentally stabbing ourselves!

Thinking like an Occupational Therapist, this would be great for anyone who struggles with tremors or has poor co-ordination. The blade is so teeny that it’s virtually impossible to cut yourself by accident. The nimble is much easier to use than scissors so it’s also a great option for anyone with weak or painful hands.

The nimble I’ve reviewed is the original but Version22 are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to start large-scale production of the new and improved version. For those of you who don’t know, Kickstarter is a micro-financing site. You pledge small amounts of money in return for a product/bonus/incentive, the money only leaves your account if the projects total goal is met. Once the campaign closes you’ll be sent whatever it is you were promised but it can take some time if the product actually has to be made.

If you’d like to get your very own Nimble you can pre-order via the Kickstarter page. By pre-ordering you’ll get a big discount and you can be one of the very first people to receive the new version! Version22 will also be doing launch day early bird deals so keep an eye on their facebook and twitter pages!

I hope this post has been useful. As always questions or comments are welcome.


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