May is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month!

I posted this photo on Facebook Yesyerday… I though it would create a visual snap shot of some of the problems faced bt people with Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (H-EDS)

Well The lovely Ladies and Gents at the HMSA (hypermobility sundrome association) posted it again on their facebook page and twitter etc..


I am AMAZED at the responce It’s had! as I write this there are loads of likes and RT’s and Shares! I set out hoping to raise a bit of awareness, and if just 1 person learnt something new as a result of my photos then I would be happy mission accomplished!


I’ve already had conversations with strangers and shared loads of info and linked people to the HMSA website! I am so excited! and it puts a massive smile on my face to see the work the HMSA is doing to raise awareness about HMS/EDS .

Every Person that knows is one less to teach!

having people/doctors/specialists/friends/family around you that understand makes life so much easier.. having to explain why your doing such and such and making comments like  ‘yes I am ok, I just need to lay on the floor a while longer’ or ‘yes I know my leg is at a strange angle I will deal with it presently’ or ‘yes I know I’m in a wheelchair and I just stood up to reach a high shelf’ you can often come across as a bit odd! I’d like to change that the more normal these comments sound to the general public the better!

for more info on the Hypermobility Syndromes and connective tissue disorders please check out &

Thanks everyone who reads and Keep spreading awareness of EDS/HMS and all invisible/unusual conditions!

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