EDS Awareness Month Continued!

ImageI Posted this photo as part of EDS Awareness Month to highlight just some of the effects that Hypermobile-EDS has had on me and many others.. well the response was phenomenal!

By the time I went to bed yesterday an amazing 41,312 people had seen that photo! There is no way this would have happened without the amazing work of the Hypermobility Syndrome Association, its members, group leaders, volunteers, fans, and all of their friends and family!

I am also doing other things to help raise awareness of a condition that affects thousands of people but still goes un-diagnosed in too many cases!

Yesterday I stood up in front of my OT class and told them a little bit about some of the types of EDS, the work the HMSA does and my photo etc.. I hope that there will be another 60 or so well educated OT students out in the world now, I got a good response and a clap at the end so hopefully I made some sense!

I can’t believe how far the awareness campaign has gone already and I hope it keeps going at the pace it is!


Keep sharing! keep talking! Keep raising Awareness!


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