The Rehab Saga: 1st Weekend Home (Sunday)

Slept in this morning, up at about 9:30 and was spoilt by mum who brought me breakfast in bed 🙂 I read on my kindle for a while before getting up and jumping in a hot bath for a long soak. I pampered myself and got ready for another weeks rehab starting tomorrow. After a…Continue reading The Rehab Saga: 1st Weekend Home (Sunday)

The Rehab Saga: First Weekend Home! (Saturday)

I started the day with a lay in. I slept utility 9:30am! (and I could probably have slept a lot longer!) Addz was up early to play squash with my brother so I got up and dressed after he left. I spent the morning unpacking some things and getting ready for swimming. One of my targets…Continue reading The Rehab Saga: First Weekend Home! (Saturday)

The Rehab Saga: Last day of week 1 and temporary discharge!

Sorry this one is a few days late folks! Up bright and early Friday morning. We only had one session in the morning before going home for the weekend so it was a slightly more relaxed start than the rest of the week. After s breakfast of GF cornflakes I did some physio and made…Continue reading The Rehab Saga: Last day of week 1 and temporary discharge!

The Rehab Saga: first full day and awesome physio!

Today was my first full day on the ward. After a slightly uncomfortable nights sleep I got myself up and dressed. Breakfast was a total failure. The GF bread was full of poppy seeds and I’m allergic. They’d run out of soya milk so my breakfast options were dry cornflakes or a banana…I went for…Continue reading The Rehab Saga: first full day and awesome physio!

Diagnosis pro’s and con’s

I’ve heard a lot of chat about how people feel when they receive a diagnosis, so I’ve decided to share my ramblings on the topic. There tend to be 3 distinct trains of thought upon receiving a diagnosis. 1. I’ve got a diagnosis this is good. 2. I’ve got a diagnosis this is bad. 3.…Continue reading Diagnosis pro’s and con’s

Rhizomed Thumb Support from Medi

Ok so I received this awesome new thumb splint this morning and I’ve decided to do a quick review (I couldn’t find any other reviews for this model online so I figured I should write one) Before we get started although I’m an OT student and I splint regularly in my daily life this doesn’t…Continue reading Rhizomed Thumb Support from Medi

Rehab progress update, Beach Yoga

Today was too hot so we headed to the beach, after a quick visit to granny and a picnic I set about getting a photo of me doing something I’ve been working on for months. After a long hard journey I have finally achieved one of my final goals. I was discharged from Rehab in…Continue reading Rehab progress update, Beach Yoga

6th day in rehab

Nice early start this morning with a surprise cooked breakfast! Bacon, mushroom and toast 😀 thank you kitchen lady! Got myself dressed and presentable. Hospital transport arrived just after 9 to take me to orthotics. I arrived early and met Mum for a coffee/cake and a chat about the latest stupid Nigel Farrage related news…Continue reading 6th day in rehab

Ring Splints By Zomile

Ring Splints by Zomile make affordable, high quality silver and gold finger splints for conditions like Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Marfan Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Swan Neck Deformity and more. The splints block hyperextension of the finger joints (dip & pip joints) while still allowing normal hand function. I am utterly in love with them, not only do they look…Continue reading Ring Splints By Zomile

EDS Awareness Month Continued!

I Posted this photo as part of EDS Awareness Month to highlight just some of the effects that Hypermobile-EDS has had on me and many others.. well the response was phenomenal! By the time I went to bed yesterday an amazing 41,312 people had seen that photo! There is no way this would have happened without…Continue reading EDS Awareness Month Continued!