The Rehab Saga: Last day of week 1 and temporary discharge!

Sorry this one is a few days late folks!

Up bright and early Friday morning. We only had one session in the morning before going home for the weekend so it was a slightly more relaxed start than the rest of the week.
After s breakfast of GF cornflakes I did some physio and made a start with my packing. We laughed and joked while everyone packed up ready to go home. If done about half of my packing by the time our session came around.

We were all gathered together for this session to wrap up the week before we all headed home. We were given the same scenario to work through. The case study patient had chronic bavk pain and we got a copy of his weeks timetable. Lots of work for 3 days then a day shopping and cleaning, the rest of the week was total rest. We were broken into groups of 3 and had to come up with 3 suggestions as to how we could change his weekly routine to help manage his pain using the techniques we’d learnt during the week.

We came up with the following.
1. Change his shift pattern if possible, half days or shorter hours.
2. Ergonomic & Postural assessment of his work area.
3. To pace his non working hours. Split the shopping and cleaning time over the rest of the week, allow time for physio and exercise.

The rest of the group came up with different answers but all very good. We discussed the difference and similarities between his life and our own lives!

After the session was over we headed back out to finish packing.

All too soon it was time for our merry group to disband. I got to see some patents and we all said our good byes and hugged it out.

Mum and I headed home, the journey was pretty quick all things considered and we chatted about my week.

After we arrived home I did my exercises and settled down on the sofa for a stretch out, a rest and a cuddle with my boyfriend. The rest of the afternoon / evening was spent catching up on TV, eating cheesy chips and soaking in a bubble bath!

It’s good to be home 😉

Ciao for now folks x

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