The Rehab Saga: First Weekend Home! (Saturday)

I started the day with a lay in. I slept utility 9:30am! (and I could probably have slept a lot longer!) Addz was up early to play squash with my brother so I got up and dressed after he left. I spent the morning unpacking some things and getting ready for swimming. One of my targets for the weekend was to go swimming after all 😉 I also did some of my exercises.
I was almost ready when Addz got back and we had plenty of time so I didn’t need to rush.
We headed off to the pool. I had planned on getting some video of me swimming but the pool wouldn’t allow it so I changed my plan. Instead of my usual 46 lengths (1km) I swam just 20. I focused on engaging my core muscles, correcting my tilted pelvis and using my glutes instead of my hamstrings. I can tell I did it right because it felt like I was learning to swim again from scratch! So so hard! My heart rate was also a bit higher than normal. After swimming me and Addz headed to the changing rooms. I washed my hair then put another one of my goals into practice. I clearly explained what help I needed and avoided getting stressed with Addz. (so far so good)

After an argument free swim we headed to sainsbury’s. I’d packed a copy of my GF carrot and cinnamon cake so I could buy the ingredients ready for my OT session next week.
I convinced Addz to get a trolley rather than a basket (so I could lean on it) and then we started shopping. Another of my goals was to ask for help rather than over reaching or kneeling down. I had planned to ask a stranger but since I was with Addz I just asked him. He fetched mixed nuts and icing sugar. I pushed the trolley some of the time and not others and I walked the whole shop. I remembered (occasionally) to engage my glutes and I focussed on my posture. Since I’d done so well I rewarded myself with mini marshmallows. 😉

When we got home I had a short break before unpacking and stowing my perishables in the fridge.

I figured that was enough activity for the day and spent the rest of the day watching TV and answering my emails.

All in all a pretty successful day of goal reaching and good posture!

Ciao for now folks!

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