Rehab progress update, Beach Yoga

Today was too hot so we headed to the beach, after a quick visit to granny and a picnic I set about getting a photo of me doing something I’ve been working on for months.

After a long hard journey I have finally achieved one of my final goals. I was discharged from Rehab in Aldeburgh on the 15th April. I was walking short distances with a frame and spending hours on physio. Today 16th July, 3 months later, I did yoga on the beach. I’m still using my chair a lot of the time and spending even more time doing physio but I’ve made LOADS of progress. I’m pretty much back to my baseline (except my weight haha!) Good physios, hard work, my fab orthotist, the right drugs, mum, Addz and hard work have worked wonders.


1 thought on “Rehab progress update, Beach Yoga

  1. I really admire your willingness to document you journey with Hypermobility Syndrome. I’m 29 and was diagnosed in 2012 and I am still struggling to get a grasp on the problems I have due to HMS. I have a question about the DonJoy knee braces you are wearing in your beach yoga pictures. In addition to my hypermobility issues I also damaged my MCL in January of this year. I have read about the brace you are wearing and on their website they mention that one brace helps both legs. Do you find this to be the case for you? I see that you are wearing two of them so I know that is a silly question. I am trying to find something to support both knees that i can wear daily to prevent the constant hyperextending i endure and the strain on the tendons and ligaments. I know I am not the average bear so I was looking for some advice from a fellow HMSer. Thank you for all you do! You are an inspiration and a beautiful spirit!

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