Limitless Travel role-emerging placement

As part of Occupational Therapy degrees each student must complete one thousand hours of practice. How this is divided up varies from place to place. Northampton University divides practice hours into three placements. The first is shortest and is mainly observation. The last placement is the longest and it’s expected that each student will carry…Continue reading Limitless Travel role-emerging placement

New Wolsey Theatre #AccessDay visit

The New Wolsey Theatre is a producing theatre based in Ipswich, Suffolk. It is a midsized regional theatre with a capacity of 400. The theatre combines their own productions with other partners and touring performances. They work to create high quality performances and creative learning opportunities. The theatre strives for maximum diversity and the greatest possible…Continue reading New Wolsey Theatre #AccessDay visit

Travel with a variable health condition

Planning a holiday or a day out should be exciting but for many people with variable illnesses or disabilities it can be pretty daunting. To be honest, planning anything can be pretty daunting. I’ve lost count of the number of events I’ve called off at the last-minute.  For any new visitors to my blog, I…Continue reading Travel with a variable health condition

My Top Adaptive Life Apps

Ok so just a quick post. These are little reviews of my most frequently used or most useful apps. Some of these apps are aimed at anyone and everyone but others are more for people with illnesses or disabilities. If you see something totally irrelevant then please just keep scrolling on to the next one.…Continue reading My Top Adaptive Life Apps – Review

Hello folks. This is a sponsored review* of a nifty new site called MedNexus. This is a medical search engine designed for patients. I am all for this since I firmly believe we should all be our own health advocates, I actively encourage people to be well-informed about their own health conditions but not all…Continue reading – Review

Sleep deprived ramblings -Why I use a wheelchair & Life with a variable disability

It’s not often I write about how much disability can suck. I do my very best to stay positive. I write useful posts with coping strategies. I think I do a pretty good job when it comes to living a fun and meaningful life but there are some times when I genuinely feel like my…Continue reading Sleep deprived ramblings -Why I use a wheelchair & Life with a variable disability

Joint Protection

Introduction to Joint Protection

As usual this post is written from a dual perspective, I’m an Occupational Therapist and I have spent many years learning to manage my own health. With this post I aim to give a few simple ways of looking after your joints during everyday activities, hopefully explained in a simple way. As with all of…Continue reading Introduction to Joint Protection

Pain Management

Pain Management, it’s not always about pills.

Pain management is a complex and lifelong challenge for many people. The most obvious answer to the pain problem is painkillers right? Pain meds often come with some nasty side effects and can be highly addictive. I’m not saying pain killers are all bad (they aren’t) and I’m not saying everyone who uses them will…Continue reading Pain Management, it’s not always about pills.


Pacing – when is the Boom worth the Bust?

Symptom management is a really important part of living well with a chronic health condition. For symptoms like fatigue and pain, Pacing is an essential skill to learn. There is no easy fix for long-term health conditions but there are a lot of little fixes that can help. To make the most of these little…Continue reading Pacing – when is the Boom worth the Bust?

The Rehab Saga: weekend recap and balance training

This is the start of my last week its also the last of my 5:30am starts! The drive up took an hour longer than normal this morning so I was feeling pretty rubbish by the time we finally arrive, (kinda desperate for the loo too!) My first order of business after un-pacing was to request…Continue reading The Rehab Saga: weekend recap and balance training