Home at last: settling in, physio, hair dye and mobility aids.

Hello folks
I know it’s been a few days since I’ve blogged but for the most part I’ve been asleep!
After getting Home from hospital in Tuesday and my epic walk back to the house u spent the rest of the day in bed.
Wednesday started with a layin, I just couldn’t get going. I know I need to try and find a routine but so far all my body wants is sleep and simple sugars.
Anyway over the last few days I have managed a few things. I’ve got my hair cut and then me and Addz dip dyed it again.


This is Live Color XXL ultra violet and cosmic blue in a gradient dip dye.
I’m pretty pleased with it.

I also managed an appointment with cardiology who had lost my notes… Not just the department notes but ALL.of my medical notes… Matron is on the case tho!
Anyway with no information other than the stuff in my head the Dr has decided not to do anything! Surprise surprise… Me and mum did have a good laugh at the clock tho!


Hardly appropriate for a cardiology department.

Other highlights of the last few days included making an omelet with my lovely other half.
I tested out my perching stool…which is awesome, don’t understand why anyone stands up to cook!


The quote of the cooking experience has to be…

“I’ve got a big lump of meat…I’m trying to bash it out”

Addz was of course talking about how the pulled pork had clumped together with the egg…
Don’t know what you thought I meant?!

The vast majority of the day was then spent watching #GRIMMonwatch on catch up.
After tea me and Addz headed upstairs for a workout… He lifted weights and did handstand push ups. I did Pilates and horizontal body weight exercises. (which at my current weight is quite heavy enough!)

Mid way through our workout my poor other half got all upset with Spotify for suggesting we break up.
“you’ve got nothing to lose by getting rid of Addz/Ad’s”

I nearly peed myself laughing at that one!

Now that I’ve caught you all up its time for a bubble bath.

..oooh I did change the look of my blog so please let me know what you think!

Ciao for now folks

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