The Creperie, Brighton. Gluten Free Goodness!

2016-09-08-14-15-43The Creperie in Brighton is a fabulous little restaurant just off the seafront. The Creperie offers french-style cuisine made with top quality local produce and get this.. its 100% Gluten Free. That’s right no gluten at all, you can’t even bring in your own!

The Creperie prides itself on being the only 100% Gluten free restaurant in Brighton. All of the crepes are made with Buckwheat. To top off this incredible feat of allergy-friendly cooking they can also make many of their recipes vegetarian or vegan! The entire menu is online so you can even plan in advance.

Addz and I visited as part of my post-graduation holiday and I was super excited to find somewhere I could actually order off a set menu. I wasn’t disappointed.

The inside of the restaurant looks like they’ve brought Pinterest to life. The drinks (complete with help-yourself-unlimited-refills) are served in jars with handles and the walls are decorated with jars of tasty things, cookery books and fairy lights. It’s adorable.

From an accessibility point, they’ve done the best they can with a tricky building. 2016-09-08-14-15-24There is a range of seating both high and low. Although the space it-self if pretty narrow there was room for me to get my wheelchair past the counters and into the main building. The floors are smooth and free of trip hazards. Most of the furniture is brightly coloured so it’s a nice high contrast with the floor and walls. The lighting seems natural and comes from lots of little lights as supposed to one blinding one.

14257463_10153879984297467_3995826540176340591_oThe Menu is a wood effect pale background with navy writing but since the staff were so lovely I’m sure they wouldn’t mind reading things out if needed.

The biggest downside is that there is no accessible bathroom. Both the in-accessible bathrooms are down an in-accessible flight of stairs. There is comparatively little ground level seating with most of the tables on the lower level.

Luckily for those of you who don’t fancy struggling with access issues The Creperie does offer takeaway and has outside seating too.

14242485_10153880002362467_4817207804224396817_oOn to the important stuff.. food. The portions are HUGE. Addz and I both failed to finish our savoury crepes so on the return visit we had shared one main course and one dessert, even sharing I was stuffed!

If you have a very tricky diet or a picky palate they even have the option to customise.

The food was amazing and very quickly ready too. Addz often jokes about needing a gluten supplement when he eats the same food as me but there was no joking here.. just eating with the occasional foodgasm.

We were both thoroughly impressed. It wasn’t ‘good for gluten free’ it was just ‘good’… Really good.

After our second visit in two days we were asked about joining the loyalty card scheme and it was pretty upsetting to say no since we’re nowhere near local. If I lived in Brighton I think I’d eat there as often as I could afford.

The staff we met were lovely and the place has a breezy, relaxed atmosphere. If this isn’t enough to convince you to go then I have two final points to motivate you.

1. You can reach a near by Pokestop from inside.

2. They have free wi-fi for customers.

This place really is a little hidden gem and if I ever get back to Brighton I’ll be sure to visit again.



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