EDS Awareness Month – Open questions, ask me anything! #EDSAwarenessMonth

It’s that time of year again, May is EDS Awareness Month. For the whole of May I’ll be raising awareness of Ehlers Danlos Syndromes. For those of you who don’t know what it is please head on over to my EDS info page.

For the last few years I’ve offered to share info on any topic and I’m doing the same this year. Anything you want to ask me about my life with EDS, any thing about the condition or how I cope… Now is your chance to find out. Simply comment on any of my social media profiles with your questions and #EDSAwarenessMonth or #HyperMAYbility, you can also email me at hello@jboccupationaltherapy.co.uk.

Throughout the month I will also be sharing various posts on managing EDS and it’s associated issues. I can’t make any promises but if you have a specific topic in mind then ask and I’ll do my best to write or share something relevent.

If lots of people ask me similar questions I’ll probably write the answer in a blog post so make sure to specify if you’d rather have a private response.

Please do your bit for the awareness campaign and share a post or two!

Questions and comments are very welcome!


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