Trixie Jogging Belt for Hands Free Dog Walking

I purchased this via amazon ”Trixie Waist Belt” so that I could walk dogs from my wheelchair or on crutches without getting hopelessly tangled. I have tried various methods like tying leads to my chair, carabiners, leads looped over my arms but all of them had the same flaw. The leads were either too long meaning I didn’t have much control over the dog or too short so that in tight spaces the dog can’t get ahead of me or behind me without getting choked!

The second flaw is that when the leads are long enough to enable the dog to stay a safe distance from my wheels while walking ahead, the lead is then too long while the dog walks to heal so it trails on the floor and gets caught up under the wheels. This means I spend the whole walk tangled and trying my hardest not to trap the poor dog!

2014-09-17 15.25.16

The Trixie hands free system is so much better, it allows the dog to pull ahead but the lead springs back when the dog walks to heal. The swivel hook means the dog can’t twist the lead up and the actual waist belt is elasticated so that if the dog does pull too hard the stretch absorbs the shock.

The whole thing is pretty comfy and I could easily forget I was wearing it while the dog wasn’t on the lead. The little pickets on the waist belt are pretty handy too, good for storing poo bags although I don’t think I’d dare store treats when I’m sat down or I might get pounced on!!

I wasn’t sure how well the dogs would take to it (walkies with wheelchairs does tend to confuse doggies the 1st few times) but on the way home I just had to wave the lead around and my test dog was quite happy to walk back with me 🙂

I’m really happy with the lead and it’s definitely going to make walkies a lot easier in the future!

2014-09-17 15.26.05

feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments section 😀

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