The Rehab Saga: Physio, friends, family and beer pong.

After struggling to wake up yesterday I was expecting to really struggle this morning, I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up at 7:15 and didn’t feel half bad! I hopped in the shower (and even washed my hair) before grabbing breakfast there were a couple of new faces on the ward this morning so we all got to know each other a bit. After some chatting I headed down to stretch class and was the second one to arrive. It was a very small group this morning, I think the rehab programme’s are winding down before Xmas, most of the ward is now day patients other than those of us finishing the week off.

After stretch I met with my OT, this was our last proper session together so we reviewed the progress I’d made and talked about what I still needed to work on (Pacing) we also talked about my return to uni and how I’m going to keep up with my rehab, I’m going to trial getting up earlier and having a set stretching time every day (I won’t be too strict but if I have nothing else planned I should stretch) I have learnt my lesson from the last year, Health comes first!

After a short break I had physio, the lady before me was a friend from the ward so I watched the end of her session and cheered her on! All too soon it was my turn. We finished the review of the exercises we didn’t get done yesterday and talked over any concerns I had about maintaining my activity levels, I’ve also been told to start thinking about my goals for tomorrow’s goal setting session.

After physio I headed back to the ward for a lay down before lunch, I headed back with one of the ladies from the ward so we raced down the hill!

Lunch was the usual chicken with baked potato and some ‘salad’ … well a heap of leaves… I did get orange jelly tho!

Our first session after lunch was with the psychologist (same one as yesterday) this was the last in our series of coping strategy sessions. Todays topic was friends and family. We talked about how family can support you but also how they have the potential to hinder you. We also spent some time discussing how our pain impacts on other peoples lives, and how its important not to just see the pain from your own point of view. We discussed how communication is really important, I know I’m quick to complain when someone is ‘helping’ me in ways I don’t appreciate but am I as quick to praise and thank when someone helps me in ways I really benefit from?

We talked about friends and social events, I know for most people with chronic health conditions its often necessary to cancel events at the last minute, it sucks but have we really though about how it feels from the opposite side. My friends have gone to the hassle of booking a wheelchair accessible venue then I cancel and they needn’t of bothered…I’m upset and I feel like I’ve let everyone down I guess its not nice for the others either! would it be possible to adapt the event, could I come for a few minutes or could I call them instead, do something to prove I’m still trying to connect and I’m still invested in the friendship.

We talked about the importance of being open and honest with our friends and family, they need to know what your dealing with in order to best support you. Its also important that I communicate worst case scenarios with my loved ones before I end up unable to explain why I can’t come, why I’m not making the effort.

I’m not really doing the session justice but I’m knackered so I’ll move on…(after having a rest, pacing) 😉

The final session of the day was the sport session at the Aspire Gym. I got myself there with no help from the porters (yay me) and arrived in time to join in with some gentle (standing) badminton and with some wheelchair basketball practice, I was sat in my normal wheelchair (no sport chairs available) but I did shoot some hoops and my shot average towards the end was MUCH better (still not great tho) haha I was playing with one of the therapy techs who also improved lots so we were both very happy!

We finished the session with me teaching everyone to play beer-pong (minus the beer) I’m definitely better at that than I am at actual ping-pong!

We chatted on the way back and after leaving the physio team behind we headed back to the ward. By this point I was pretty knackered so I flaked out in bed with my kindle and relaxed for a bit. By the time our evening meal arrived I was feeling pretty good. I had a pleasant surprise with dinner, I had RICE! (with chicken, carrots and a few small potato pieces) I did see the dietician briefly earlier in the day and joked about being sick of eating chicken and chips so I think she might have said something to the kitchen staff about the high potato content of my meals over the last few weeks!

The rest of the evening will be spent curled up in bed, I can feel the beginnings of a headache and I think I’ve done enough for the day!

Ciao for now folks

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