The Rehab Saga – Guide page.

This series of blog posts will follow my 3 weeks at Stanmore hospital (RNOH). I’m going through the Hypermobility Rehab Programme in an attempt to learn how to manage my physical health problems, to get a bit fitter and to take a good look at the way I cope with things emotionally/psychologically. There are two programmes run by the Stanmore team, one hotel based and one hospital based. I’m going through the hospital route.
If you’re following this series of posts because you’re going to rehab sometime soon then please bear in mind that each persons experience will be different, some of the things I write about will be unique to me because that’s what I needed, there may also be sessions I chose not to write about at all. We are all individuals and we all have different needs regardless of having similar medical conditions. If you’re reading this because you care about me then thank you and if you’re just mildly curious or fancy a laugh then I hope you enjoy!

Day 1. Admission.

Day 2: First full day

Day 3: Wheelchair Basketball & more physio

Day 4: Water Exercise

Day 5: Half day on the ward and Temporary Discharge

Weekend Home

Day 6: Saturday & Day 7: Sunday

Week 2

Day 8 – back on the ward and Smart Goals

Day 9 – Knee exercises and Carrot Cake

Day 10 – Flare up plan

Day 11 – Nutrition & weekend goals 

Day 12 – End of week 2

Weekend break

Day 13 & 14 – health fail, kindle, pacing and itching.

Week 3

Day 15 – Beginning of week 3, balance training

Day 16 – Maintaining change

Day 17 – Physio, friends and beer pong

Day 18 – Goal setting, chilli pepper and swimming

Day 19 – Happily ever after

Finally, a quick update a while after finishing the course.

Rehab update.


I hope this is helpful. any questions please feel free to ask!


2 thoughts on “The Rehab Saga – Guide page.

  1. congratulations. My duaghter has been offered a place but after reading other peoples blogs says she thinks it’s too much for her. My stance is go and see what you can do. I’m worried about her but she’s an adult and I can’t make decisions for her. Sorry for posting.

    1. Please don’t apologise! I’m here to help 🙂 I wouldn’t rule it out until after speaking to the Rehab team, they are all about adaptation so perhaps a compromise can be met? 🙂

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