The Rehab Saga: Admission day.

This series of blog posts will follow my 3 weeks at Stanmore hospital (RNOH). I’m going through the Hypermobility Rehab Programme in an attempt to learn how to manage my physical health problems, to get a bit fitter and to take a good look at the way I cope with things emotionally/psychologically. There are two programmes run by the Stanmore team, one hotel based and one hospital based. I’m going through the hospital rout.
If you’re following this series of posts because you’re going to rehab sometime soon then please bear in mind that each persons experience will be different, some of the things I write about will be unique to me because that’s what I needed, there may also be sessions I chose not to write about at all. We are all individuals and we all have different needs regardless of having similar medical conditions. If you’re reading this because you care about me then thank you and if you’re just mildly curious or fancy a laugh then I hope you enjoy!

Stupidly early start this morning. I was up at 5 and in the car by 6am. Considering I like to sleep until 10 this is a pretty big achievement haha. I hate getting up when it’s still dark (my circadian rhythms don’t need any more messing up) but hopefully being tired will help me sleep tonight!

I was the first one to arrive so I got settled and started unpacking. The rest of the ward gradually filled up. There are a couple of different groups of people, some on their first week like me and others who are on their second or final weeks. My neighbours seem very nice and the ward itsself is pretty light and airy… The only slight problem was the lack of heating but people are working on fixing it.
I was weighed, measured, had a full set of obs done. I then spoke to the catering lady who came around. Despite me sending off a full list of my dietary requirements there is only one thing on any of the menus I can eat. I’ve asked to see the dietician so hopefully I won’t have to eat the same meal every day!

Our first session was a general introduction to the programme and a review of the rules and policies. At this point we took a short break so I took the opportunity to get to know the other members of my group. ๐Ÿ™‚

Our second session was an introduction to psychology and a discussion on the ways people make changes. Understanding how to make life changes will hopefully mean we can make the most of the rehab input.

Lunch was edible. Boring but edible. I’ve asked to see a dietician about the slight lack of low FODMAP & GF options..there’s only two meal options I can eat.

After lunch I had a rest and coloure coded my schedule. After a while the porter came to get me and whizz me off to outpatients. I could totally get used to the portering here, the pick you up in power chairs and then steer you off to where you’re going. None of that rattly attendant propel rubbish here!

Up in out patients I met with my new physio and OT. They both seem awesome. My physio was pretty open to the idea of me returning to rock climbing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ OT lady was friendly and happily talked to me in OT technical terms and they both asked very intelligent questions. I felt like we’d covered everything by the end of it and I’m more than ready to get going on some work.

I got some awesome news via facebook. I entered the Corsets Boulevard Global Ltd Halloween costume competition and I won! I’ve won a kindle fire HD and ยฃ50 store credit! I will be treating myself to a new corset when I get home ๐Ÿ˜€

Our next session was Pacing. This was a really short session. It felt pretty rushed and if I hadn’t done pacing before I think I’d be totally lost. Luckily we have repeat sessions on pacing.

After chatting and lounging around the ward for a bit I settles down for a pretty nasty evening meal. Cheese omelette with overly soggy mashed potatoes. With another salad. Lovely. I’ve reiterated my desire to see a dietician about some alternative meals!

After chatting with some of the other inpatients I snuggled up on the bed with my old kindle and chilled out. I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep so I’m ready for action tomorrow.

Ciao for now folks ๐Ÿ˜€

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