#NHSselfie #SaveOurNHS #NotSafeNotFair

Today I’m sharing a selfie to support all the NHS staff against healthcare reforms.

The first photo is me in resus at Worcester Royal Hospital. I was admitted with tachycardia, dehydration and mystery neurological symptoms including muscle spasms that left me with most of my joints dislocated. It took me 6 weeks across 3 different hospitals to recover.

The second photo is a selfie, taken today, I’m holding the articles for my BSc Occupational Therapy dissertation.  In the 5 years it’s taken me to do my degree (so far) I have been a patient in 9 different hospitals, many of those visits have been out of hours.

The NHS may not be perfect but without it I, and many of my close friends and family, would be totally lost. I can honestly say without the NHS I would probably be dead.

Making exhausted workers stay later will not fix the NHS it will kill it!

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