The Rehab Saga: End of week 2

So after I finished thursday nights blog post I noticed something peculiar. I’d come out in a rash. It would seem I’m allergic to my anti-fungal medication. By bed time the rash covered my arms, legs and tummy. I got one of the nurses to bleep the Dr, she said to just stop taking the meds and the rash will go away. The next day (Friday) I woke up and it was worse, not better. I take a daily antihistamine anyway so I hoped another day or so would clear it up…

The last day of week 2 got off to a pleasant start, we had a group breakfast in the conservatory and followed it with some gentle stretching. (We’re all such good patients)

Our first group was a discussion group with all the rehab patients. The session was lead by a physio I’d not met before but she seemed lovely and definitely knew her stuff. We were all asked about our favourite or most useful session from our stay so far. It was a very useful session that lead to lots of good discussion, I’m very much looking forward to some of the sessions the week 3 ladies talked about. The pain medication talk sounded particularly popular.

After that session broke up we all started packing up ready to go home. I ended up not going to the next session, it was supposed to be relaxation but visual imagery isn’t my favourite method of relaxing and I was too damn itchy to sit still! Instead I gave myself two goals, to do my physio and to chase up the pharmacy team since I still didn’t have any medication for my ear infection! I got one of the lovely ward nurses on the phone to pharmacy and I got started doing some resistance band exercises.

In between each exercise I packed a bit more and by the time the relaxation session broke up I was just about ready to go home. Mum arrived about half an hour later and I still didn’t have my prescription so I threatened to stage a sit-in and the friendly nurse got on the phone again. The pharmacy team still didn’t have my meds so we came up with a new plan. The nurse phoned my GP surgery back home and talked the receptionist into writing up a prescription for me. With the new plan in place I said my goodbyes while mum loaded the car, after that we were on the way home again.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I slept most of the way home. Me and mum did manage some chat before I drifted off tho…

We got back into ipswich just as Addz left work so we picked him up on the way home (he just about squeezed in the back of the car.)

I got home and straight away checked out my new Kindle Fire HD (Thank you Corsets Boulevard Global Ltd) I won their Halloween Corset Costume Competition with my Black & White Swan Costume.

Fullscreen capture 14122014 203354.bmp

I love my new kindle and I’m very much looking forward to the latest corset I’ve ordered from them. I spent most of the rest of the day alternating exercises and playing with my newest gadget. I’m happily playing the How to Train Your Dragon game in my spare time now haha.

After I’d been driven mad by the itchy rash, not slept well all week and spent a few hours in the car I figured I’d earnt an early night!

Ciao for now

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