Flexivity (SudoGrip) Walking Stick Handle Cover

For many people the balance between style and function is a difficult one. I know I should be using walking sticks with ergonomic grips but I also really wanted one with flames around the bottom (just like Dr House). This is the perfect compromise.

I purchased an awesome flame cane from All Good Ideas knowing the handle would probably aggravate my hands and wrists thanks to my Ehlers Danlos. I started looking online for handle covers or grips to help protect my hands. While browsing pictures I can across the SudoGrip covers from Flexivity. They are soft squishy gel covered in a fuzzy neoprene with little velcro tabs to attach to a variety of mobility aid handles. Before you all shudder at the word ‘neoprene’ this stuff doesn’t feel at all plasticy or sticky and has a soft almost felty finish. It’s actually really nice! The gel stuff feels similar to the gel wrist supports you can use during computer work.

I got the set designed for quad sticks / walking sticks but they also have different designs for rollators or crutches, the velcro tabs are pretty adjustable so each design accounts for a number of variations and could probably fit most mobility aids.  The bottom of the grip is non-slip and the velcro tabs are strong so its well held on to the stick. I’m genuinely very impressed. The added squishy-ness takes some getting used to and did feel a little wobbly to me at first but after limping around for the morning I’m very comfortable with how it feels now.

Design wise they only come in black (but black goes with pretty much everything) and the brand name is written pretty obviously in lime green, depending on how you attach the velcro tabs this can be hidden a little.

The Flexivity SudoGrips are £17.95 with free postage and very quick delivery!


Hope thats helpful for some of you, now I really must get some dissertation work done!

Ciao for now!

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