14th day in rehab (race horses, the great escape and beading)

Today marks 2 weeks here at Aldeburgh Community Hospital and tomorrow marks week 5 in my hospital admission. (1st ever admission and hopefully my last for a LONG time)
I have filled my room with stuff from home, my orchid, my beads, my clothes and it almost feels like home.

I started the day with a lay-in then got down to some crafting, I came up with some designs for my fave HCAs wedding jewellery and made a start, after a little bit I showed her and she’s really pleased with it! Thanks for your help Mum and Granny!


I have to admit I’m pleased with it too, the colour scheme is based on her beautiful engagement ring and the necklace so far really sparkles, photos taken under strip lights can’t do it justice.

While sitting beading in the sunshine the lovely catering manager came round with the tea trolley and was selling a stake in the grand national! You pay a pound, pick a horse at random and the winner gets £25! I got number 25 ‘Vintage Star’ great name but not such good odds at 40-1


That’s one of the things I love about this place, although all the staff are in uniform and I have daily physio I don’t feel like I’m in hospital at all!

Addz (my partner) came to break me out just before lunch we headed back to Ipswich to spend some time together and to see my family, I also met the 3 doggies staying with mum at the moment. Bailey who licks things, Victor the sheep and the affectionately re-named ‘small dog’
We hung out for a bit before having stirfry for tea and catching up on my email while in a town with consistently available internet floating around! I also managed to get online long enough to order some beading supplies 🙂 half of the stuff I needed has already arrived thanks to mum 🙂


Cotton cord bracelets are now available from Purl Beads in even more colours! I also have some new silver charms coming and some sterling silver earring posts.

While in a town with internet I also downloaded a Facebook page manager app so I can actually do some stuff on the Purl Beads page now 🙂

When I got a chance to check up on Vintage Star in the grand national it would seem (rather fittingly for my current situation) my horse falls over a lot too!

Finally before I curl up in bed with my kindle and a bar of chocolate I’d like to thank all of you who are following my journey.
I’m enjoying the blogging experience more than ever and it’s a great way for me to track my progress and sort out how I feel about things as I go along.
The messages of support, comments and cards are beautiful and never fail to make me smile.

Thank you

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