20th day in rehab (beads, discharge planning and walking lots)

Survived the night flat much better having taken diazepam before bed so I’ll be trialling that again tonight.
I’ve still go lots of orders to complete for the hospital staff so I got dressed and started beading early. I made myself a bracelet to go with my cotton cord necklace from yesterday


I’d just finished this before lunch.

This morning I was told we are aiming for discharge on TUESDAY!
So I figured I need to push myself with my walking, I got physio man to walk with me and someone to push Mary J and I walk all the way to the conservatory for lunch! This is the furthest I’ve walked in 6 weeks so I’m really pleased but also in quite a lot of pain!

After lunch (I was sat on the gentleman’s table) I headed back to my room to flake out for a bit before tackling the next jewellery project.

Dad arrived for afternoon visiting hours and surprised me with jelly fruit to stash in my room!
We decoded go head out for a walk/wheel so I took him into town and we did the 2 charity shops before heading along the sea front and back home.
I managed to liberate some shell necklaces to take apart when I got home! One of them was a ling string of asymmetric shell pieces drilled at either end, and held together with big tacky plastic links disguised as silver… The pieces individually will looks much better!

I made a start on a shell necklace before tea after Dad headed home 🙂
And finished it shortly after, keep it simple.


After watching some TV and attempting go Facebook with my phone above my head I decided to call it a day and have an early night.

Until tomorrow my lovely readers 🙂

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