21st day in rehab (sneaky visit home to watch Grey's Anatomy, the GF Easter bunny)

I had a layin of a whole half an hour this morning before scrambled egg on toast and getting up and dressed.
My back is definitely a lot better when I take diazepam at night so I think I might stick with that for a while.
I spent most of the morning reading in bed before getting a few carrier bags packed, since I’m heading home in Tuesday I’m gradually sending some of my things home.
Addz arrived before lunch go take me out for the day and he took me home. I needed help getting into the house and getting to the loo but my new chair does fit through the doorways downstairs a lot better (partially because of dad’s radical alteration to the kitchen furniture)
The rest of the day was spent with a Grey’s Anatomy Marathon! I’ve not been able to watch any of my normal TV so Grey’s, GRIMM and call the midwife have been at home waiting for me.
After spending a few hours watching TV curled up under a blanket with Addz and Phoebe (Small dog) it was time to head home so the epic mission of getting me and my wheels to the car began.
After arriving back at hospital just in time for tea I said good bye to Addz again. (not goodbye for long I’ll see him on Tuesday when I head hone for good)
I had dinner in bed and promptly fell asleep until 9pm.
The long sleep meant I’ve only just discovered the surprise Addz for me in the bathroom…it’s not what your thinking, it’s much better!


A lovely card with ‘life is better with you in it’ on the front and a free from Easter egg. 😀
Since I’ve still got some of the Marvelous Creations chocolate from Addz and Mum too I figured it would really rude not to lay in bed and eat chocolate while watching tonight’s selection of trashy films.

Ciao for now loyal readers sorry today isn’t very interesting unless your into Grey’s Anatomy haha

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