19th day in rehab (pain pain go away, pretty things are here to stay)

Bad pain day today
.. In preparation for my discharge I’m trying to wean myself off the profiling bed so last night I tried to sleep laid flat down with just pillows for support. Well it’s not good I’m in a lot of pain, my hips and back particularly are really sore. That deep down gnawing ache that makes you want to chop off the offending body part. Things just got worse from there, the batteries in my TENS machine were dead so I had to drag myself out of bed and search for more. I did find some pretty quickly… In my hand. I guess my brain is struggling today too. I’d picked them up and I was holding them while looking all over the place for batteries. I’m an idiot.
After spending some time administrating things on Facebook I eventually decided I can procrastinate no longer and finally got out of bed at 10am having woken up at 7:30…
Just as I was getting out of bed I received an automated appointment reminder from Hospital the department listed was ‘main reception’ so I have no idea what that’s about! I’ll have to chase it up later.

A large part if the morning was dedicated to beading, I completed a restoration project. One of the housekeeping ladies brought me some beads from her young daughters broken necklace. I used the beads and charms to make a new necklace (pictured below)


I spent the rest of the mmorning finishing up the 1st of 3 necklaces for the bridal set. (pictured below)


Lunch was a civilised affair spent in the conservatory in the sunshine chatting a out shoes with the ladies.
The gents Sat in silence and tried not to look bored!
The sunshine outside was too much to resist so I grabbed my kindle and headed for the garden.
After relaxing in the garden for a bit I returned to my room to cool off and after a quick letdown I ended up returning to the beads. (pain management technique I see sparkly things ans feel better)
I made myself a necklace, New style for me but I’m pleased with the results. And I finished exactly in time for tea.


I’d just finished tea and was watching the middle bit or Eragon when Mum arrived, I wasn’t sure if she was coming or not so this was a pleasant surprise.
Mum had gone go GBL wheelchairs in London today. I broke a bit on my e-motion wheel before Xmas but with the Christmas holidays, New year, time for the repairs, then various members of the GBL team being flooded and my unexpected 5 week’s in hospital we’ve only just got around to swapping their loan wheel for my fixed one! Mum tells me the team have been reading my blog and if it’s true I’m flattered! Thanks for everything guy’s and gals! (sneaky endorsement for the awesome customer service, friendly staff, epic warehouse of wheelchair envy and all round awesomeness of GBL)
Anyway to celebrate me having my wheels back Mum and I headed off to the co-op to buy chocolate for me and the night staff and coke to go with the rum at home for Mum.  😉

On the way back I made a stop at the outdoor gym to go on the leg press machine, I figure this will make up for not doing any walking practice today (understaffed physio team today, it’s the 1st time they haven’t made it round to me yet tho!)
After changing into my PJ’s and eating some of the chocolate (I earned it I went to the gym… sort of)
All that’s left for me to do is my nails!
Manicure time 🙂


Night folks

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